Bradley Harris

Race Report - Paddy's Shillelagh Shuffle

  • Goal: Complete the NE Runner Pub Series in 10th overall
  • Result: 17:01

I entered the final race of the Pub Series in 10th place in points. I was comfortably behind the real speedsters in the money. In order to protect my spot I only needed to keep SRR teammate Jeff no more than 9 places in front of me.

Jeff tends to start races fast and near the front of the pack. I headed out well behind and just aimed to keep him in sight. At around the half mile the field thinned out and he was in striking distance. I kept pushing and slowly pulled him in. At around 1 mile I caught up. No better place to keep him in sight than from right beside him. I decided not to try pulling past him since my goal was only to keep him close.

Jeff was contending for a higher place in the seniors standings so I was jockeying with local 50+ legend Paul Hammond. Time after time Jeff would surge and Paul would cover. I just held a few steps back from the action. Unless 8 more runners came up from behind, I was right where I needed to be.

As we headed to the last turn a volunteer called out that we had 100 yards to go. The race actually crosses over the start line again and finishes another 50 yards down the road. Jeff took the volunteer at his word and kicked for the finish, running out of gas before the finish. Paul cruised past and I followed behind.